First Visit

Get in and get playing.


Get your pup ready

Make sure that your dog is fully vaccinated for Rabies, DHLPP/DA2PP, and Bordatella before coming in, and at least 12 weeks old. For the safety of our guests, your dog should be well socialized and ready to romp with friends!


Fill out the paperwork

As with all good things, there’s some paperwork involved. You can fill it out ahead of time online, or you can print it out and bring it with you.


Check-In Upon Arrival

When you arrive, check in at the front with a team member. If you printed your paperwork, make sure to bring it with you.


Go play!

Once you’ve been registered by one of our check-in team members, you’re ready to go! Stay as long as you want, and play as hard as you can.

Park Rules


Be friendly! Don’t hound other dogs (or their humans).


All dogs must have a membership or day pass to enter the property.


Shed your leash in the enclosed area, but wear it on your way in and out of the park.


All dogs must be behaved, friendly, socialized, and comfortable around other dogs and humans in the off-leash area.


Don’t dig or throw dirt on others.


Don’t spread germs. If you are sick, stay home until you feel better.


Scoop your dog’s poo! Dispose of your dog’s waste using the conveniently placed trashcans.


Failure to abide by the rules may result in ejection from the premises or suspension and/or termination of membership at the sole discretion of Solo’s Park & Pub.


Do not leave your dog unsupervised.


No outside food, drink, or treats (dog or human). Do not feed any dogs within the off-leash area.


No outside toys.


No smoking.


No running, shouting, or chasing (humans).


Use of the “small dog” area is intended for dogs 30 pounds or less, handicapped, elderly dogs, or those dogs needing a calmer environment, regardless of size.


No excessive intoxication.


Solo’s Park & Pub retains the right to refuse service or ask persons to leave for any reason to the fullest extent of the law.


All handlers must comply with all local and state laws.


Handlers must be at least 18 years old. Children under 16 may not be in the off-leash area without adult supervision.


Unless given prior approval, dogs must wear flat buckle or break away collars. Pinch, choke, and shock collars are not allowed.


Female dogs in heat are not permitted on the premises.


No glass containers on the property.


No excessive barking or howling.


Open one gate at a time, and be sure other dogs don’t enter or exit with you.


In the unlikely event you observe a dog fight or dog aggression, notify a staff member immediately.


If a human is bit, the dog and handler must leave immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are open 1 pm-10pm Tuesday through Thursday, and 11am- 10pm Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Solo’s is closed on Mondays.

Yes, we do! Please call 405-849-5990 for scheduling or email

Yes – we welcome everyone! We have plenty of great food and drink options and cute views. We understand not everyone can care for a dog, so we welcome you to enjoy our restaurant, and perhaps meet a new dog friend!

We have Day, Month and Annual passes available to purchase in-person. Check out our membership options here.

Our monitored dog parks for large and small dogs offer custom terrain, agility courses and a DIY washing station with soap and towels. Our Bark Rangers oversee the park to ensure the safety of all dogs, and they’re also great dog sitters while you enjoy time in the restaurant. Month members receive one free hour a day and then $4.99 an hour for up to 6 hours. Annual members can drop off their dogs for a max of 2 hours and then charged $4.99 for up to 6 hours. These free hours with memberships allow you to drop off your dog and know they are being watched and playing safely with our staff. Month members will also receive 10% off of their total tab (alcohol not included.) Annual members will receive a 15% discount on their total tab (alcohol not included.) Members can even get a Ranger to give their dog a bath for $8.99.

Dogs will need a day pass or membership to enter Solo’s. Solo’s is created to be a fun experience for you and your dog(s)! Unlike other dog-friendly patios, it’s not meant to serve as a place where your dog is always sitting beside you. We want them to have fun, too! They are welcome on the patio as long as they are leashed, or they can run free and play in the monitored park.


Solo’s was created to be a place to gather with friends and family. While Bark Rangers will monitor the park and serve as a temporary dog sitter (see our Membership Office for Drop-Off Hour Rules), it’s not meant for an extended, overnight stay like a doggy day care. We don’t provide boarding facilities. We encourage owners to stick around, enjoy our menu and amenities and play with their dog. We also have dog washes available, providing soap and towels to members for a DIY wash or the help of a Ranger for $8.99!

A day pass or membership grants you and your dog(s) access to the dog park during business hours. Bark Rangers are closely monitoring our park from open to close. If you’d like to step out and shop while your pup plays, our Bark Rangers will watch them without you on site for up to three hours – just notify the front desk! We do not provide boarding facilities. All dogs must be picked up before closing time. All dogs being left without the owners are first come first served as we only allow a max of ten dogs without their owner in our park at a time to assure they are all getting the extra attention they need. If the heat index is 100, we will not be taking in any drop off dogs. We do apologize if this is ever an inconvenience, but is done to assure all dogs safety.

Anyone in the park must be 14 years of age or accompanied by an adult.

Safety is a top priority for Solo’s. To ensure safe play, small and large dogs have separate parks, each closely monitored by our trained Bark Rangers. Dogs are required to be on a leash in the restaurant patio area. To enter the park from the patio, guests pass through an initial set of doors into a holding area where they can remove their dog’s leash and open a second set of doors to the dog park.

For the safety of our guests and dogs, food will not be permitted in the park area of Solo’s. Guests are welcome to take drinks into the park.

Records of proper, current vaccinations will be required for dogs to enter the facility. While we do not require dogs to be spayed/neutered to enter the park, it is encouraged.

We are so glad you asked! Solo’s offers a way for you to support the amazing community of foster dog parents that bring their foster pups to Solo’s Park & Pub. You are able to purchase a day or month pass for a foster dog, allowing the recipient to come to Solo’s and play for free for the duration of their pass! Once you make a purchase, we note that a new “foster dog day pass” or “foster dog month pass” is available. The next time that a pup (without a membership) comes to Solo’s and their human identifies them as a foster, they will be able to use that pass and enter the park/use our amenities for free! (For the foster month pass, this includes receiving the discounts and promotions associated with a month membership.) If you would like to “sponsor a foster”, you can do so by making an online purchase through our membership page on this site, through calling Solo’s at 405-849-5990, or by making a purchase in-person at Solo’s Park & Pub.

(Solo’s always allows free entry for a rescue’s foster pups when hosting adoption events for that rescue. The “Sponsor a Foster Dog” program applies to park entry for foster dogs outside of their rescue’s adoption events.)