Statement Regarding Canine Illness

Solo’s Park & Pub has several policies in place as precautions against infection of canine disease. Currently, Solo’s is not aware of any case of canine influenza infection stemming from our dog park.

  • Solo’s maintains standards of sanitation at all times, throughout the entire property.
  • Solo’s contracts with a service to disinfect the dog parks on a weekly basis.
  • To enter Solo’s dog park, dogs and their humans must check in with a staff member. Solo’s does not allow dogs who are symptomatic of any illness into our park.
  • Solo’s requires proof of vaccinations to enter our premises. Solo’s does not require proof of a vaccine against canine influenza, but proof of other vaccinations is required to help limit the spread of other diseases.

At all times, Solo’s fully supports the owner and their discretion on whether they would like to socialize their dog at our dog park. If you choose not to bring a dog to Solo’s right now, Solo’s understands and supports that choice.

Please keep in mind that many other people may make the same choice. If you’d like to show support for a small, dog-friendly business during this time, you are welcome at Solo’s to enjoy any of our activities and specials without a pup. Many of our events (trivia, bingo, singo, human food and drink specials, etc.) are made for humans to enjoy.